HolMar Invest Ltd. offers you an opportunity to order charter flights on VIP aircrafts to various destinations
Thursday, 06 October 2011 07:56

Have you ever encountered a situation where you’ve need to fly immediately to another country for a business meeting? When on a busy schedule it can be next to impossible to find a suitable scheduled fight.Attending regular flights can also be exhausting with their long waiting times, exchanges of aircraft, the procedures in long queues and other inconveniences – we've all experienced them. Even business-class lounges aren’t always able to compensate for these kinds of disadvantages.

So if you have a group of colleagues, clients or guests to whom you wish to offer a faster and more convenient travel solution, then the charter flight is the right choice for you. It can also be a financially wise decision, to book a direct charter plane rather than move dozens of people between different airports the traditional way.

Flying on a charter plane is also a very private way to travel – payments are confidential, and data exchange process is discrete.

The main advantages of the charter flights:

• short waiting time before the flight
• fast passport and customs procedures
• personal service
• direct flights to the chosen airport
• Extra comfort – personal service in a modern aircraft
• Full discretion

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