Our services

Charter flights by airplane:

HolMar Invest Oy  arrange charter flights to Europe, North Africa and the Arab and Mediterranean countries.
We offer flights to these partners and the services of VIP aircraft


Photoshooting / filming flights

We are offering photoshooting and filming from helicopters. In addition it is possible to rent HD video apperture for aerial filming. Minimum filming height with a special permission is 500 feet and outside of settlements 300 feet. Without a special permission the minimum flying height is 1000 feet. All special permissions for flights will be arranged by us.

Electric line investigation flights

We are using a system to find and record data about faults found in electric lines and their components. After the flight the data will be forwarded to the client electronically in an easily analyzable form.

Other flights

HolMar Invest OÜ can also provide aerocraft for following flights:

- lighter lifting jobs
- projection flights
- traffic control flights
- police, toll and army flights
- missing person searching flights
- nature reserving flights