Regarding to charterflights HolMar Invest OÜ makes for customers a specific estimate and quote.

Pricelist per flight hour:

Helicopter Flight hour cost (EUR)
Bell 206 Long Ranger 1500
Bell 206 Jet Ranger 1200
Schweizer 333 850
Robinson 44 Raven 850
Schweizer 300 C 550

20% VAT will be added to all prices.


1. The duration of flight starts counting from the moment the engine of a helicopter starts.

2. To confirm a booking of a flight a fee of 20% from the selected apparatus's hourly price will be paid by the client. Should the flight be canceled due to bad weather or technical problems the booking fee will be refunded 100%. The booking fee will not be refunded in case the client cancels the flight less than one business day before the flying day.

3. Letter of warranty/booking needed on closing.